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Favorite Thanksgiving Dish

November 17, 2012

The cranberry sauce gives me wild heartburn, but it’s definitely toward the top as one of my favorite Thanksgiving dishes.  Then there’s the turkey. The dark meat is preferred since someone has a tendency to overcook leaving the white meat too dry.  And the dressing.  And the mashed potatoes.  And the pie. Ohhhhh the pie. Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, apple pie, chess pie… ***salivate*** What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dish, LaVergne?  Do you go for the desserts, the sweet potatoes, oyster stuffing?  Or do you like the casseroles and breads? If you are up to it, we’d love to see your…

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For This We Are Thankful

November 10, 2012

November has morphed into a month where people go online and share reasons they are thankful.  Back when I was young – when we walked two miles in the snow to catch the school bus – our tradition was to do this around the Thanksgiving table. We talked a lot about family, having a roof over our heads, and the new color TV. Those were the days when we’d have to hop up off the couch to turn the channel and we got to pick between four (the networks stations and PBS). But this is today, so let’s go through…

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On Your Marks, Get Set, VOTE!

November 5, 2012

Not everyone has the right to vote.  So if you do, please exercise this gift.  When you step up to the voting machine, make sure you have done your homework.  Do not go in and ignorantly pull a lever or push a button.  Study the candidates, study them from more than one source.  Some may even be available by phone if you want to call and talk! Hearsay is not a good thing, so be careful to separate hearsay from actual truth. You can still watch the local debate for people seeking office in LaVergne. Take the time to watch…

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Stone Soup: Weekends are Full

November 3, 2012
parade of lights

With Halloween behind us, those wonderful winter holidays are on their way!  We sure love our traditional Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years celebrations, but there are a lot of other things that should have our attention. (CORRECTION!)  SUNDAY, November 4 from 11:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., the LaVergne Rescue Unit is having a chicken lunch as a way to raise money for the organization. Of course the Rescue folks are famous for their country ham breakfasts, but it looks like they’re dipping their honey mustard into a new feeding venture. And we like it!  The cost is $8 and the…

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