Saturday’s Stone Soup

Let’s throw a bunch of stuff in the pot and see what we can cook up this Saturday in LaVergne!

Early Voting

Early voting is underway! If you are a registered voter in Rutherford County, you can stop at any polling place in the county to cast your vote.  We urge people to be informed before voting – call the candidates, read what they have to say, and most importantly be aware of the emotional contagion phenomenon.

*Anger and resentment are the most contagious of emotions. If you are near a resentful or angry person, you are more prone to become resentful or angry yourself. If someone engages in angry gestures and takes on the facial expressions of hostility, people surrounding them will unconsciously imitate the behavior–resulting in an escalation of anger and resentment from everyone.

Try to avoid the mob mentality and mudslinging, and stick to the facts of the why and how.  Talk to the candidates, read their answers, ferret out if what they say makes sense or not, and then decide.

In LaVergne,  you can early vote at the Civic Auditorium on Old Nashville Highway. You can’t miss it … look for the signs and people standing out front waving at you! Remember there is no “politicking” within 100 feet so you CAN NOT talk about the candidates while you are standing in line. If you want to talk about who to vote for, do so ahead of time.  Here is a link to early voting locations, dates, and times.

Car Show at Grace Church

Grace Church and Community Worship Center is hosting a car show at the corner of Stones River Road and Old Nashville Highway today between 10:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  After you’re done voting, stop by and say hello to Pastor Randy, his staff, and the drivers of the fancy wheels!  Box 100 will also have their weather-guy there to sign up residents for the FREE CodeRED weather warning service.

We Should All Be Like Them

We learned on Channel 4 and Channel 5 yesterday about a little four-year old boy who was lost in the Lake Forest subdivision on Thursday. The Ornelas siblings, 14-year old Cynthia and 18-year old Humberto, saw the boy on their way to LaVergne High School and stopped to help. When they figured out he was lost, they took him to the fire station offering comfort on the way.  From the city web page, here’s what happened,

The boy had been sleeping in the back seat of a carpool van when he woke up just as the last child was picked up on Hectare Lane. He told police he spotted a bicycle and slipped unseen out the sliding door of the 10-passenger van to get a closer look. The van drove away without him.

… it was when the carpool driver returned to the preschool that afternoon to pick up the child that his family was found.  When the driver discovered the boy had never been dropped off, he notified the parents and Nashville Metro Police. Dispatchers between La Vergne and Nashville connected the two cases and the boy was successfully reunited with his parents after about 10 hours under the guardianship of the police.

Here is a link to the story on Channel 4 and on Channel 5. A big THANK YOU to these kids and to the police, dispatchers and DCS people who reunited the boy with his family!

What else is going on in and around LaVergne, people? What’s on your mind?

*Paraphrased from Passionate.

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