Candidate for Alderman: Dennis Waldron

These are the answers we received from Alderman Dennis Waldron when – as residents of La Vergne – asked him to answer questions that are relevant and important to us as taxpayers and voters.

Question 1: What do you believe a municipal government should provide to its citizens?

Question 2: Last year, the city faced financial crisis, so property taxes were increased by 50¢. If you approve of the increase, please describe why.  If you are against the increase, describe your solutions that would allow the city to continue to operate (please be very specific on your details).

Question 3: What ideas do you have that would increase home values throughout the city?

Question 4: What are your ideas to bring more retail business to La Vergne?

Question 5:  The The following list is a sampling of the items and concerns residents discuss wanting or needing in La Vergne.  Please order them – in your opinion – from 1 to 6 (one most important, 6 least important):

Question 6: What is your favorite city event of the following and why?

Note:  The photo was taken during the debate. Had he responded and given This is LaVergne permission to use a better photo like the other candidates did, we would have done so.

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