Candidate for Alderman: John Kleber

Question 1: What do you believe a municipal government should provide to its citizens?

I believe our municipal government should provide police, fire and emergency medical services, animal control, economic development, library services, senior activities, parks and recreation activities, road and sidewalk maintenance, planning developments while enhancing existing neighborhoods. Not to mention tax collection, water, sewage and storm sewers. What I don’t believe in is to give up on our city charter because I don’t want to deal with the issues or problems that may arise during my tenure as an alderman. What I don’t believe in is making promises and voting against them. If I vow to help our senior citizens, I will not vote against them and their interests “just because”. It’s one thing to be fiscally responsible, and another to say no to everything instead of finding a way to make it happen.

Question 2: Last year, the city faced financial crisis, so property taxes were increased by 50¢. If you approve of the increase, please describe why.  If you are against the increase, describe your solutions that would allow the city to continue to operate (please be very specific on your details).

Although I do not believe in doubling taxes, I do realize that any local government needs taxes to do its business. La Vergne is not the federal government therefore it cannot write its own check. Our taxes pay for our police protection as well as fire protection and other areas we depend on. I feel that the tax hike we were dealt with was necessary to pay bills from previous administrations and pay for projects that are vital to our city. This is not to say we don’t need to be frugal with our spending. If I am elected I will do to the best of my ability to help our team cut costs where they can be cut, without cutting services that we need or alienating any groups or citizens in our city.

Question 3: What ideas do you have that would increase home values throughout the city?

New business will help our economy by bringing in jobs for our citizens as well as bringing in new residences to fill our empty houses, thus promoting growth and security! We cannot determine the prices on our houses that are set by the housing market. Making sure every citizen upkeeps their home and by keeping our community beautiful will, in my opinion, greatly enhance how we are looked at. Taking care of any crime that we have and making our city safe will help fill our empty homes, thus making our homes more valuable. I give great credit to our police chief and his staff in helping keep us all safer.

Question 4: What are your ideas to bring more retail business to La Vergne?

By working with all the alderman, Mayor Mosley and Vice Mayor Farmer, this team is doing an excellent job making companies aware of what our city has to offer, I feel we can make La Vergne a thriving economy, able to compete with surrounding towns and cities. I want to help keep up the “progress” that they have done so far, fill our empty warehouses as well as building new and improved structures. We can attract new business by visiting potential companies, shaking hands, showing all the good our city has to offer, getting our hands dirty. New business will help our economy by bringing in jobs for our citizens as well as bringing in new residences to fill our empty houses, thus promoting growth and security! It’s like a big cycle on the plus side, that we cannot slow down but press on to get done! We need to let these potential companies that we have good schools and a safe environment for their workers.

Question 5:  The The following list is a sampling of the items and concerns residents discuss wanting or needing in La Vergne.  Please order them – in your opinion – from 1 to 6 (one most important, 6 least important):

(4) Greenway.

(3) Lakeside recreation, (fishing pier, bathroom facility, trails, Dog Park, etc.)

(5) Playground in Lake Forest subdivision.

(1) More police and Fire personnel with proper equipment.

(6) Animal Control officer and facility.

(2) Independent Merchants Association.

Question 6: What is your favorite city event of the following and why?

Old Timers Festival. I loved the whole festival because is involved more than one entity. I enjoyed seeing all of our citizens on the parade route, then getting to meet many of them and shaking their hands when they came by our booth Saturday and Sunday!!! Everything the festival showed the diversity of La Vergne and why we are a great community! Win or lose, I will remember all the wonderful people and cherish all the new friends I have met during this campaign!

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