When You’re Down and Troubled

When you’re down and troubled and need a helping hand, LaVergne is a great place to be. The city wrote a community update about some pretty important things we as residents could be doing to support our schools and people who live here.  One of our teachers at Roy Waldron Elementary School is up for “Teacher of the Month” and it would be great if everyone would go vote for her.  There are also two people who have recently suffered from medical problems.

Trey Jenkins is a 10-year old who is fighting leukemia or lymphoma. There will be a team walking for him at the “Light the Night” walk on Friday, October 12th at L.P. Field. Additionally, Gary Rockhold recently suffered a brain aneurism. His friends and family are organizing a “road block” on Saturday, October 13th at the intersection of Murfreesboro Road and Stones River Road. There will be a spaghetti dinner afterwards.  More information about the teacher of the month, Trey’s “Light the Night” team, and how to help Mr. Rockhold are available on they city’s facebook page here.

While we are pleased here to provide information to residents of our fair city, we need to be clear that we are only affiliated with one other online resource and that’s our own page on Facebook. We do believe everyone has the right to their own opinion (and thank you for promoting our survey), but please be clear that everyone affiliated with this page is not affiliated with other pages.

It has also come to our attention that another local social media page has named This is LaVergne as an influence. It alleges that our readers were not nice when others complained about the water and sewer increases. This site is intended to share news and information to citizens, to encourage civic involvement and discussion.  But we still maintain that this site reflects the personal views of the moderators.  We firmly believe that your own site sets the tone about how you feel.  We would respectfully request that other sites not put our site in the middle of their discussions. You have your objectives and we have ours. Our preference here is that this site continues to share information about activities and news our readers are interested in hearing.

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