September Mish Mash and Politicking

Didn’t the cool temperatures of this weekend and today simply invigorate your brain?  It sure did for us here at This is LaVergne!  We have quite a bit of good stuff to talk about (we have evidently saved it all up!).

Congratulations to the 2012 pageant winners of LaVergne!

  • Miss LaVergne Dakota Hayes
  • Junior Miss LaVergne Madison Gossman
  • Young Miss LaVergne Mikayla Kline
  • Little Miss LaVergne Riley Hayes

All the girls who competed were absolutely lovely.  You can see the full list of runners up and People’s Choice winners here.

Who’s ready for Old Timers Festival??  Word is that carnival rides are being set up now and will open Thursday around 6:00 p.m. Tickets are $1 each, 24 tickets for $20, or an all-day wrist-band for $15.  The parade begins at 10:00 a.m. this year and the city just posted that the deadline is 10:00 a.m. this Thursday, Sept. 13th to get the entry in.  My sources tell me that there is no fee to ride your horse, your jazzed up car, or to walk your scout troop, but you MUST turn in the application or you will be turned away by the police.   And don’t forget the country ham breakfast hosted by the Rescue Squad, the craft vendors, the great food, the FREE ENTERTAINMENT, and to stop by and say hello to the local businesses and organizations set up to provide you with information!

Finally, remember when we asked people to submit questions they would like to ask the candidates running for aldermen?  The concerns you suggested have been compiled, sifted through, and compacted into six questions (it would be unfair to ask more since This is LaVergne only asked five last year).  The questions are being mailed tomorrow, but for those who have computer skills and come to read our site, here they are.

1. What do you believe a municipal government should provide to its citizens?

2.  Last year, the city faced financial crisis, so property taxes were increased by 50¢. If you approve of the increase, please describe why.  If you are against the increase, describe your solutions that would allow the city to continue to operate (please be very specific on your details).

3.  What ideas do you have that would increase home values throughout the city?

4.  What are your ideas to bring more retail business to La Vergne?

5.  The following list is a sampling of the items and concerns residents discuss wanting or needing in  LaVergne.  Please order them – in your opinion – from 1 to 6 (one most important, 6 least important):

_____ Greenways
_____ Lakeside recreation (fishing pier, bathroom facility, trails, dog park, etc.)
_____ Playground in Lake Forest subdivision
_____ More police and fire personnel, with proper equipment
_____ Animal control officer and facility
_____ Independent Merchants Association

6.  What is your favorite city event of the following and why? Old Timers Festival, Trail of Treats, Movies in the Park, Music in the Park, Easter Egg Hunt, Miss La Vergne Pageants, Howl at the Moon 5K Run, Christmas Parade of Lights & Tree Lighting Ceremony, or Fourth of July Picnic in the Park.

Candidates for office were asked to reply by email or snail mail no later than October 5th.  The responses will be published in the order the completed ones are returned, hopefully the week of October 8th.  People who do not respond will be named.  All answers will be printed verbatim – if there’s a typo or grammatical error, so be it (hey guys! proofread!).

Have a great week, LaVergne and be sure to come out to the OLD TIMERS FESTIVAL this weekend!

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