A Gathering of Questions

Two years ago “This is La Vergne” mailed candidates a number of questions from the community.  The candidates were asked to reply by a certain date and then – in order of receipt – the answers were published on this site.  Two of the three candidates that did not take the time to answer were defeated in their election attempts. We would ask early on that all candidates who are running give very serious consideration to replying to the request.

Candidates have until noon at August 16 to file their petitions.  That’s this Thursday, folks.  So far the unofficial word is we have five people running for alderman with two seats being elected.  In alphabetical order, they are:

  • Tom Broeker
  • Melisa Brown
  • Kathy Hines
  • John Kleber
  • Dennis Waldron

So far there has thankfully been an absence of public negativity by the candidates.  In my personal world, the second a candidate goes into attack mode, they lose my vote. Now that’s different from defending themselves against attacks by others – whether by other candidates or by voters or by gossip.  If that happens, then please do defend yourself.

Meanwhile as This is La Vergne prepares questions to ask the candidates, what do you want to know?  The same question will be asked of everyone, so please don’t suggest, “Why did you vote this way or that way?”  (Clearly some have not had the opportunity to cast a vote as a member of the Board of Mayor and Aldermen.)

What are your thoughts, La Vergne?

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