Your help is needed locally and with a quickness…

We have an urgent need right here in our own town!  Please help out when you can!

This plea was “copied” from Vicki Walker’s FB page –

“Ok folks…have an update on supplies needed at a LaVergne school. If you can donate: construction paper, pencil pouches, stickers, bottles of glue or glue sticks, folders with pockets and brads, cute pencils or toys for treat boxes, and stuff for outdoor play like hula hoops, kick balls, and side walk chalk, please call, text, or message me (Vicki Walker) or Mike Walker. The need is great but we can do this. If everyone who reads this would donate $5 worth of supplies, we could take care of these kids!!! If you feel you can do more, teachers need copy paper, individually wrapped candy, kleenex, clorox wipes, board games for rainy days. LaVergne is a “TEAM”..Together Everyone Accomplishes More!”

You can also contact me at 793-7787.  Our children deserve quality education and our teachers need our help to do just that – they are teaching the future leaders of this country!!!



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