Really, DNJ?

Last week the new Road and School Board redistricting committee met. Unfortunately, a couple of members of the La Vergne contingent of that committee were not able to attend. Both Tonya Knell and Alderman Broeker had just had deaths in their immediate family, which normal, caring, compassionate people would understand.

But the Daily News Journal, that bastion of responsible reporting and compassion, first reported that they basically just didn’t show up. When the city PR director, Kathy Tyson commented on the article that both Knell and Broeker had suffered deaths in their family right before the committee meeting, instead of doing the right thing and leaving it alone or maybe posting an apology, they then decided to write an editorial:


Unfortunately, La Vergne representatives on the panel were absent from a Tuesday meeting to start this process, and that left some members of the panel scratching their heads.While those who didn’t show up encountered last-minute conflicts, including a funeral, it’s important to remember that La Vergne cried the loudest during redistricting earlier this spring when the Rutherford County Commission opted to stick with a map that left the city’s representation splintered. Therefore, we expect someone representing the city’s interests to be present for the start of this important process.


(Emphasis mine) Are you really serious? These people have suffered incredible losses and you want to talk about La Vergne crying the loudest?

Gannett has decided for the DNJ and their other rags to go behind a paywall. Good luck with that. Hopefully if y’all are making more money you might be able to afford to pay reporters who would actually pick up a phone and ask the members why they missed the meeting before cuing up a self-righteous freakout about their not attending. Or have an ounce of compassion, or anything other than continuing to poke at the City of La Vergne. And they say we are the ones with a chip on our shoulder.

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  1. Steve Noe
    July 15, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    LOLMAO, When I read stuff like this, it is impossible for me to act in a level headed manner so here is my thought, FUCK THE DNJ and the BRAIN DEAD person that wrote this and God forbid anything would EVER happen to one of his family members and if I were to find out, I would/will slap some shit in his face for being a 100% “gotta get the story no matter what!!! DICKHEAD” reporter.

  2. auntyoya
    July 15, 2012 at 7:37 pm

    We have and will always be the red headed step child of Rutherford County to them. I do not read nor subscribe to them anymore because they Never have our backs and it seems they make it a point to stab it every chance they get by twisting the story or altogether omitting us from their news. Good luck finding anyone willing to pay for their Enquirer style of news, as for me I don’t have my head up my butt and will keep asking questions and finding out the real truth on the issues involving La Vergne. Perhaps the DNJ should take some reporting tips from This Is La Vergne on how to get the real news out and not just unfounded opinions!

  3. Marlo
    July 15, 2012 at 11:20 pm

    86 DNJ – LaVergne is only represented when it’s negative press…

  4. michaelinLV
    July 17, 2012 at 9:01 am

    Just to play devils advocate, I believe there are more than 2 people who could have La Vergne’s interest in mind and possibly attended the meeting. Mayor Moseley, Vice Mayor Farmer, Alderman Waldron, Alderman Green, Commissioner Shafer, and Commissioner Cook. There are 6 names right off the top of my head, perhaps one of them could have found time to attend?

    Certainly the article should have stated that aspect more clearly if that was their intention, so I’m not excusing sloppy journalism. But I’ll say 2 things regarding the DNJ, one they do give La Vergne positive press (they had a story about the fireworks show) and two, they are not neccessarily the ones who are biased against La Vergne, the whole county is biased against La Vergne. Our neighbors view this city as dysfunctional, and for a long time it has been. Whether that has/will ever change will only be learned over time.

  5. Tom Broeker
    July 17, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Michael, from the outside looking in it may appear as simple as we could have sent any other city official to attend this meeting. This would have required notification from the county on when this meeting was to be held. The truth is the county, for whatever reason, has not notified the city of La Vergne of anything in regards to this redisticting going back as far as last October. Had it not been for Commissioner Rhonda Allen calling me with less than 24 hours remaining before the city’s deadline to submit an applicant for this board, La Vergne would not have had a representative. Many of the boardmembers as well as residents have attended every meeting (10+) since this process began last fall. As this was the first meeting of this new board the County Mayor’s office had said they would select the date of the initial meeting and provide the various cities and their representatives with this information. In late June they did send out a questionaire with several dates to our representative asking which date would be best for her. This was the last correspondence she received until she was out of town for a family member’s funeral. We had remained in contact with each other until this point and had every intention of attending this meeting had we have known the date until my father-in-law passed away. Had the county provided the city with the day and time of this meeting after this, as they said they would, you can be assured that Mayor Mosley would have attended as she had numerous times in the past. However, let me make something clear, even if any of us (Mayor or Alderman) attended we would have not been able to function in Mrs. Knell’s place as county drew this board specifically of residents excluding anyone who currently holds office.

    The reality to all of this is the current County Mayor, Ernest Burgess and a few select county commissioners have stonewalled any and all attempts to modify the current school and road board zones at every turn. I have witnessed public and private ridicule of our Mayor and our city on numerous occassions by these gentlemen. They have twisted and turned our words in the media to make it appear we as if we are trying to unlawfully gerrymander these lines to give La Vergne more representation than any other part of the county. In addition, they have tried every political trick and any “loophole” Robert’s Rules (parliamentary procedure)may provide to shut down this committee as well as previous boards looking into the same options. I have seen it firsthand but I’ll leave it to you to decide whether this was just an accidental oversight or another jab at La Vergne. You have to ask yourself why these few commissioners would fight so vehemently to uphold a map which is, at best guess, at least 40+ years old when the county was less than a quarter of what it is now? Are they trying to keep the powers and $$$ in the county seat??? Why oppose just a mere look at giving everyone in the county equal and fair representation?

    Michael, to use yours words, La Vergne may have been “dysfunctional” in the past but I can tell you La Vergne has been nothing short of competent and professional in our dealings and our arguments concerning this issue. This stigma will take time to shake as with many of our current issues but I believe that it is time the county understands an eighth of its population resides in our city and it benefits them very much to see us prosper.

  6. Cee Dee
    July 18, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    Thank you, Tom!!

  7. Sherry
    July 18, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    The original DNJ article appeared in the Rutherford County section of today’s Tennessean, too. 🙁

  8. Steve Noe
    July 18, 2012 at 10:09 pm

    Well now,(modest cough, and clears throat) WOW, it is amazing how people who only think they know what is really going in Lavergne and want to put there 2 cents in just to try and make our elected officals look bad. BUT in this case I bet that salt and pepper with hot sauce won’t make that crow taste any better. Sounds like someone and many many more need to sit down with Tom Broeker and get to know about the REAL deal happenings in Lavergne. BON APPETIT………

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