Really, DNJ?

Last week the new Road and School Board redistricting committee met. Unfortunately, a couple of members of the La Vergne contingent of that committee were not able to attend. Both Tonya Knell and Alderman Broeker had just had deaths in their immediate family, which normal, caring, compassionate people would understand.

But the Daily News Journal, that bastion of responsible reporting and compassion, first reported that they basically just didn’t show up. When the city PR director, Kathy Tyson commented on the article that both Knell and Broeker had suffered deaths in their family right before the committee meeting, instead of doing the right thing and leaving it alone or maybe posting an apology, they then decided to write an editorial:


Unfortunately, La Vergne representatives on the panel were absent from a Tuesday meeting to start this process, and that left some members of the panel scratching their heads.While those who didn’t show up encountered last-minute conflicts, including a funeral, it’s important to remember that La Vergne cried the loudest during redistricting earlier this spring when the Rutherford County Commission opted to stick with a map that left the city’s representation splintered. Therefore, we expect someone representing the city’s interests to be present for the start of this important process.


(Emphasis mine) Are you really serious? These people have suffered incredible losses and you want to talk about La Vergne crying the loudest?

Gannett has decided for the DNJ and their other rags to go behind a paywall. Good luck with that. Hopefully if y’all are making more money you might be able to afford to pay reporters who would actually pick up a phone and ask the members why they missed the meeting before cuing up a self-righteous freakout about their not attending. Or have an ounce of compassion, or anything other than continuing to poke at the City of La Vergne. And they say we are the ones with a chip on our shoulder.

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