Delight Your Taste Buds

My friends and I had the opportunity today to stop by La Vergne’s newest restaurant – Taste Buds.  Anyone who ever drives on Murfreesboro Road knows its location.  It’s the bright building sort of across the street from TDS (specifically 5264 M’boro Rd.).  The building has hosted several restaurants, but this one I believe has a solid chance of prospering after just two weeks of business!  It’s almost a meat and three, but closer to a meat and two plus a piece of to-die-for cornbread.  Not a corn muffin, not a pan of cornbread, but the flat pancake-shaped cornbread.

One in my party ordered the fried chicken with cole slaw and mac & cheese.  The chicken breast was huge and very much prepared in the traditional country cooking style. I sampled the cole slaw and it definitely asserted a twang of vinegar on my taste buds.

Another person ordered the barbecue chicken.  She pretty much ignored it because her own mac and cheese captivated her attention.  I tasted the cheesy pasta shells and they were good.  I didn’t try her beans, though, because I do love my husband and didn’t feel like being mean to him this close to Fathers’ Day!

I ordered the pork chops, sweet potatoes, and green beans (the flat Italian green beans).  My favorite part of the meal was hands down the cornbread and the sweet potatoes.  And one of the pork chops was cooked to perfection.  The other one…. not so much.  Let’s go back a couple of weeks to another restaurant experience. Another friend was “schooled” by her waitress at IHOP that when she ordered bacon, to order it “crispy” rather than “burnt” because cooks understand that to mean “very well done.”  So in keeping with the spirit of using soft words rather than the one that first springs to my lips, the second pork chop was crispy.

See the photo above? You can probably tell which one was crispy.  Another friend also ordered pork chops and when she sat down, both of hers were also crispy.  We came at the wrong time of day – about 3:00 in the afternoon.  She tried to eat hers (like I tried to eat my second one), but quickly acknowledged that they weren’t acceptable.  She spoke to the owner who was AMAZING.  They immediately fixed the order and she had the prettiest, most succulent pork chops put in front of her that I’ve ever seen!

O.M.G. I feel all droolie looking at them in the picture.  Then for dessert… a southern favorite banana pudding. The bananas were fresh, the vanilla wafers were crunchy.  Perfectly sweet and chilled.  You might not be able to tell it, but that bowl had a LOT of banana pudding in it!

Taste Buds definitely was soul food meets southern cooking.  It was affordable and filling.  The sweet tea was delicious. And there is an eating area right out front under big, shady umbrellas.  One of my friends thinks it would be a great venue to host karaoke on Friday nights.

I plan to visit this wonderful establishment as much as I can so I can try everything on their menu.  Except the chitterlings because I don’t know what that is and it kind of scares me a little imagining.  Hello Mr. Google…. yeah… no I will not personally be trying those, but more power to you if you like them.

They were out of carryout menus but thought they’d have more by the middle of next week.  Meanwhile here’s a photo of one they have laminated.  Please do yourself a huge favor and visit Taste Buds when you get a chance.  Let us know what you think!

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