Our Library Stepped It Up

I bought a dozen donuts, three gift cards, and made a donation yesterday as part of a fundraiser held on behalf of the La Vergne Public Library. I know not everyone thinks it is appropriate for a distinguished entity such as a library to be peddling donuts in the middle of Stones River Road and Murfreesboro Road intersection.  I say to them that you need to take the snob out of your brain and look at the fundraiser through a different set of eyes.

While a library could definitely appeal to a certain intellectual, la-tee-da type of personality, money is tight all over.  The library is fully funded with taxpayer dollars.  The library could really use a bigger staff – or at least to upgrade some of the part-time positions to full-time.  They want to buy digital books to go with the nationwide e-book trend. The library also sponsors programs like the summer reading program, story hours, gross grub, the mighty duck race – events that are family friendly and community friendly.

Some programs cost a lot of money and some cost just a bit.

Acknowledging that every little bit helps, the Library Board of Directors, city volunteers, and library staff really stepped it up make some money on behalf our beloved institution so that funding doesn’t just come from taxpayer dollars.  It’s a win win for everyone.  You get your donuts.  Library patrons get more services.  Everyone is happy.

There is still time to buy the Krispy Kreme gift cards – $5 for a dozen glazed.  All you have to do is contact on Monday or Tuesday any staff member at the Library or the receptionist at City Hall (you can call ahead at 793-7303 to see if they’re still selling them).

Special thanks to everyone who volunteered yesterday including Alderman Sherry Green, Library Director Teresa Wilberscheid and her staff Lorna, Lt. Lynn Ruch, Missy Riggert, Fred Gaston, Montique Luster, Felicia Smith, Donna Bebout, Don Bebout, and all others who helped.  Also many thanks to Sav-A-Lot for allowing the library to set up in front of your store to sell donuts and gift certificates.

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