Weekend Update: Radio Show & Welcome Sign

I admit that I didn’t listen to the show on WGNS live. But after I finally tucked in the kids last night, played my Facebook games until they bored me, and realized there was nothing on tv, I listened to this clip from Tuesday’s radio show.

What? WHAT?  The city is taking steps to develop the Hurricane Creek area off of Stones River Road into a city park?  I have always wondered why in the world La Vergne had not done back flips to capitalize on being right next to the lake for … I don’t know … FORTY-FOUR YEARS!!  The dam opened in 1968 so we have had 44 years to make something of it.

According to the radio show, they are talking about having marked walking trails, picnic areas, and – if I heard right – a BEACH?  Way to go city of La Vergne!  Clap Clap Clap!!!  What was it before? Kudos?  YES!  Kudos to this board and the city workers making this happen.

My next question is the city welcome sign.  I admit to being utterly disgusted not just with the hateful nature of what people suggested should be on our welcome signs, but also by our own residents running their city down.  Civic pride, y’all?  I know the contest date has passed, but am asking anyway, do you have any GOOD suggestions for a sign? Spit the vinegar out of your mouth before you comment here because I assure you that I have no intention of allowing someone’s bitterness to taint the image of the city on this particular thread. So here are my own suggestions:

Welcome to La Vergne:  City by the Lake

Welcome to La Vergne: A Little City with a Big Heart

Welcome to La Vergne: Gateway to Rutherford County

Welcome to La Vergne:  Building Community One Smile at a Time

Welcome to La Vergne:  Rich Culture and Strong Heritage

Welcome to La Vergne:  Home of 32,588 Smiles

What do you think, La Vergne? Do you have any NICE ideas for our welcome sign?

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