Happy Mothers Day and “To Market To Market Jiggity Jig”

Happy Mothers Day to the moms of LaVergne – whether biological, foster, adoptive, in heart, in spirit, or in good deed. We hope on this day someone appreciates you and treats you with kindness.

Typically Moms take on the role of head shopper and chef, so here are some thoughts on our local grocery stores.

We have at least three really great grocery stores to choose from in La Vergne.  Of course the old Smith’s Family Market (now Sav-A-Lot) is famous for their meat selection. The family operation also makes it a desirable place to shop — you know shop local, keep it in the family.

Kroger is the biggest chain store we have. Good prices, decent selection. I love going there to save my three to ten cents in gas.

But the biggest reason to talk about grocery stores today is FOOD LION.  A couple of years ago it was looking a little worn out. Dusty, dirty, tattered, grimy, the back side of 40 if you will.  Have you been there lately?  I was a couple of doors down a few days ago and needed to grab something fast so walked in.  I nearly stopped in my tracks at the beautiful renovation, clean-up.  It looks amazing!  Kudos to the Food Lion team that invested the time and money to make the store a desirable place to go for groceries.

If you haven’t been there in a while, I urge you to go back.  They need our business just as much as our other local stores.

Photo is something found on Pinterest and how perfect is this for the wee ones??


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