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When I was in 7th grade, I lived in a town that was pretty much flattened by a tornado. The roof was ripped off our house and if we had not been in the basement, I fully believe that we could have been seriously injured or killed. Technology has improved massively since that time and the death and injury rates for tornadoes and other severe weather doesn’t have to happen nearly as much.

Many thanks to Alderman Broeker who was the person who really spearheaded us getting this system.

One thing that helps with this is CodeRED, an emergency notification system that the City is now utilizing. This can help in not just severe weather events but in many other situations. Here is the city press release about it:


The City of La Vergne is offering CodeRED to residents – a high-
speed notification system alerting people about severe weather and other emergency events. The
messaging system provides notices when severe weather or other emergencies occur at no-charge
through telephone, email, or text messaging.

Operated by Emergency Communications Network, CodeRED Weather Warning is an opt-in
warning product that taps into the National Weather Service’s Storm Based Warnings. CodeRED
Weather Warning automatically alerts affected citizens in the path of severe weather moments after
a warning has been issued. City officials will also have the ability to notify the La Vergne community
when other emergencies arise.

“We are centrally located where the railroad, interstate, and flight paths intersect,” said Alderman
Tom Broeker. “It was important that we have the ability to notify our citizens not just in a weather
event, but if there are other major incidents that require a response from the public – whether it’s a
lost child, a hazmat event, or major road closure. CodeRED gives us the ability to do this without
breaking the bank.”

La Vergne residents must confirm they want to receive severe weather notices and will be able
to pick which ones they want to get (tornado, severe thunderstorm, etc.). However, all impacted
residences with numbers in the system will be notified should other emergencies arise, such as a
hazmat incident, evacuations, etc.

For citywide emergencies like this, the network is adding La Vergne phone numbers obtained from
the white pages, yellow pages, the Rutherford County GIS mapping system, and the Rutherford
County Enhanced 911 System. When a call comes in from CodeRED, the caller ID will read
Emergency Communications Network or 866-419-5000 or 800-566-9780 will appear.

If you are not sure whether you are included in the database, simply visit the city website
at and follow the “CODERED Community Notification Enrollment” link.
Additionally, businesses and residents can add unlisted and cell phone numbers to receive calls or
text messages, and provide information for email notification.

“We recommend that all businesses register,” said Emergency Services Coordinator Rick
McCormick. “You should also call if you have an unlisted phone number, you have changed your
phone number or address within the past year, or if you use a cell phone or VoIP phone as your
primary number.”

Those without Internet access may call La Vergne’s non-emergency police number at 793-7744 for
assistance in signing up.


Here is a direct link to sign up:

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