Where is the (second) Best Seat in the House?

The Great American Air Show returns to our next-door-neighbor Smyrna this weekend.  We will begin seeing the Blue Angel jets flying around our friendly skies this week because the buzzing around town is a great way to attract crowds. Tens of thousands of visitors are expected, so restaurants, quickie marts, and gas stations will be proportionately busy!

The air show will also have a huge impact on our own traffic in LaVergne. When the show ends, at least half the traffic will exit out the back gate of the Smyrna Airport, which is located on Jones Mill Road off of Fergus Road.  This means that police will be directing traffic along these neighborhood streets, so expect traffic to be extremely heavy late afternoon on Saturday and Sunday.  Also, when traffic reaches Murfreesboro Road from Fergus, you will only be able to turn right.  There will be NO left hand turns onto M’boro Rd. so anticipate a lot of U-turns on up the road a bit.

Tickets to get in at the gate are $25 for adults – or $20 if you buy in advance online. If you want more information, go here.

But here’s the big question.  If you’re like me, you’re too cheap to spend $80 for a family of four and since LaVergne is right now door, where is the best place in LaVergne to see the show free?  We see a few jets flying over our house and yard, but never quite see the formations. Is there a good place to see them?  Anyone’s back yard?  A parking lot?  Veterans Park?  Any advice would be appreciated!

Photo from 2008 show taken in friend’s back yard.

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