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A long time ago, my old hometown newspaper would publish the names of delinquent taxpayers. I was always embarrassed that my uncle made the list every single year.  I don’t know why he never paid his taxes on time, but he didn’t.  He did always end up squaring up on the money owed, though.  Like my old hometown, it looks like the city is going down the same road by publishing the names of delinquent taxpayers.  Instead of printing them in the newspaper, though, they’ll be published online.

I say good for you, LaVergne!  I pay my taxes on time, so why shouldn’t other people?  Our tax bill came in the mail in October and we had until the end of February to pay up.  That’s about five months to pay.  Then at the beginning of March (26 days ago) a reminder notice was sent to people who had not yet paid.  So in all people are given six months to pay.  If money is still owed a year and a half later, the city turns it over to the Chancery Court in accordance with state law.

Don’t get me wrong. I know paying taxes is never popular, but it’s what we as a society are tasked with in order to have schools, roads, police, fire protection, and other vital services.  So why should people who owe money have that sitting in their their bank accounts – collecting interest that the city should be earning on behalf of the rest of us taxpayers – while the rest of us paid on time?

The list that will supposedly be published next week will be an interesting one indeed!

Ivy says: Generally, I like taxes. They buy civilization.

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