Edward Ewing House Born Sep 9 1896 Died Sep 10 1896

Edward Ewing House lived one day according to this headstone at what I am guessing is the “Mason Cemetery” at Lake Forest Park behind the police substation.

Other graves show that a people who lived in LaVergne from years gone by were families, friends, and very spiritual people. Here is Mary Latimer’s final resting place. She was born on December 2, 1804 and died July 20, 1865.

Another Mary Latimer was born October 2, 1842 and died August 2, 1863. 21 years old.

However, these people from our LaVergne past – while they should be remembered with respect – are not the reason for this post. Rather it’s about the others whose graves have been desecrated and a cemetery that needs a community to come together to allow those who are buried here to rest in peace.  Take a look at what I’m talking about.  (Writing interpreted from headstones may not be accurate.)

Sabella Mason. Wife of W.A. Hamilton. Born Jan. 5 1854. Died Feb. 10 1887.

Infant daughter.

L.C. Burnett. Died July 13, 1892. About 85 years old. Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord.

Wm. David House, October 5, 1851 (b) June 14, 1924 (d)
Jennie House May 16 1855 (b) Jan 20 1923 (d)

Here’s where bad goes to truly horrible.  L.C. Burnett.  That’s all I can make out because vandals not only knocked the headstone off the base, but it was also shattered.  My friend and I tried to piece it together as best we could, but were unable to find and fit all the pieces.

With the talk of community making this a better place to live and the really terrific efforts made by the 50 or so people who came to clean up by the lake, I ask my fellow citizens – is this not another project we can come together on to respect the dead?  The people who lived here before us deserve dignity at their burial site.  I know the city does not have the funding to put up a fence or even make repairs to these headstones, so is there another group (or groups) that could champion this cause?  The LaVergne Garden Club, maybe? Our readers here?

What say you, LaVergne?  Who wants to volunteer to lead the effort to restore the sanctity of this final resting place of our ancestors?

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