What You Ought To Know About La Vergne Water Billing/Water Department

The ladies who work over in the Water Billing Department are some of the nicest city employees we have. And I have seen them deal with some VERY irate people in an incredibly professional and kind manner. I am so proud to say I know them. I had the chance to sit down with the Water Billing Supervisor, Mary Martin, earlier this week and I told her I was going to put a post up on TiLV to hopefully help Google guide people to the right number to call if you want to pay your water bill.

See, it appears that if you Google “La Vergne Water Department“, Google very unhelpfully tells people the wrong number, and furthermore directs them to a number at a building where the people who work there are unable to transfer them to Water Billing. So let me tell you the number to La Vergne Water Billing, the number you want to call if you want to pay your bill, connect or disconnect service, ask a question about your bill, etc, etc, etc. Are you ready? Grab a pen and paper, store it in your phone, whatever. The number is:



Stop jumping up and down with excitement. I knew you wanted to know the secret number to water billing for years. Now you have it.

But while we’re chatting, here are a few other things you ought to know about La Vergne Water Billing.

There are several ways you can pay.


Automatic Draft– come to the water billing window which is, by the way, located at City Hall at 5093 Murfreesboro Road here in La Vergne, and fill out an ACH form and give them a voided blank check and they will auto-draft your account each month for the amount you owe, on your due date. Never pay a late fee again!

Online banking through your own bank– most banks offer free online banking. Some banks send a hard check for you and some banks actually do a kind of auto-transfer, Mary mentioned Suntrust. Check with your bank to be sure it will get there in time so you don’t miss your due date.


Ivy sez: Pay yo' bill! It's good for your heart!



Drop off a check or money order: Or cash, but you can only do that during normal business hours which are 8 AM – 4:30 PM Monday through Friday. If you are like me and are at work during those hours, there is a conveniently located after hours dropoff box, pictured above. That’s around the right hand side of City Hall right next to the drive-thru water billing window. I call this free-ish because it’ll cost you some gas money unless you are like me and like to hang out at City Hall and happen to be there anyway.

Mail a check: The old fashioned way. Chances are good the La Vergne Post Office will get your bill there. I know a few folks that work there, they’re good people, haha. The cost on that is whatever a stamp costs. I don’t know, either, it keeps changing. But here is the address to mail it to:

La Vergne Water Billing Department
5093 Murfreesboro Road
La Vergne, TN 37086


Pay by phone: Call 793-5932 to pay your bill over the phone with a credit or debit card.

Pay online: Here is the link to pay your La Vergne Water Bill online. I would be willing to bet this requires your account number.


Here are some other things you oughta know about water billing:

They are now doing courtesy calls the day before cutoff day, if you are on the cutoff list. This has, I hear, saved a whole lot of people money getting their water cut off and of course saves our employees having to trek out to someone’s house to cut them off, and go back to cut it back one once the customer has paid. Way to go, La Vergne, in thinking of a way to save everyone some trouble! If your phone number has changed since you first set up your account, you can email your account number or service address and your new phone number to ttaylor@lavergnetn.gov or you can always call the water billing department at 793-5932.

Did you know?

There are over 12,000 water meters in the City of La Vergne. We have 5 meter readers and 4 people working in water billing. So if you are having a hard time getting through, especially on Wednesdays, please be patient! Lots of other people are trying to call. Nobody at any of the other city numbers that are listed on the La Vergne website, have access to your water bills. Only the fine folks at water billing do, so if you call codes or public works or the water treatment plant, they really, truly do not have access to your bill and cannot help you with your bill.

Sometimes you’ll see meter readers out and about, and they’ll go over to the house across the street from you and then maybe a house down the street. You might wonder, why didn’t they read my meter? Chances are good that they aren’t out reading meters at that time. They are either doing cutoffs, or cutting people’s water back on, or maybe they are out re-reading someone’s meter at their request. My meter reader buddies want to assure you that EVERYONE’S meter gets read EVERY billing cycle.

You can get an adjustment on your bill once a year on the sewer portion of your bill if you have a swimming pool, when you fill the pool. The way to get this is to read your own meter before you fill the pool, write that number down, then read the meter again once you are finished filling the pool, and write that number down. Carry those numbers up to water billing and they will make an adjustment on your water bill according to the water used.

If you have a water softener and you get an unusually high bill, this could be because people’s water softeners sometimes get stuck in a rewash cycle. When that happens that uses up a ton of water and unfortunately, an adjustment cannot be made. Additionally, leaky water softeners cannot be adjusted on the bill.

If you have an irrigation system, you cannot get your bill adjusted, however, you CAN have a second meter installed that measures the water used for the irrigation system. It costs between $500-600, however if you have the second meter you will be billed only for water and not for sewer, for water used on that line. For more questions about that, call the water billing department at 793-5932 to get more information.

Eleven hundred words on water, and that only covers the billing department. I could throw another thousand at you about water treatment, sewer collections, cross connections or any of the other fascinating aspects of water that affect us every day but rarely enter our minds.

Tell me, La Vergne, what are your watery thoughts? 

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