Learn To Drive, La Vergne!

…eh, I’m mostly just kidding. I’ve driven in California, Chicago, and the place where nobody knows how to drive, Florida. And I hear tales that Washington DC out-crappy drivers all of these places a hundredfold. But I figure I might as well hold up my driving pet peeve for all to examine this evening….

And it is this….

I can only drive as fast as the person in front of me. So if there is someone in front of me driving under the speed limit, why is the person behind me tailgating me? 

I cannot tell you how much that drives me INSANE. First, I’m already irked at the person in front of me driving slow. And then the person behind me decides to, what, punish me for the guy in front of me who is driving slow? It makes me want to commit all kinds of acts of road rage. But I’m a mild-mannered person generally, so I just rage internally and when the slow driver finally turns, I drive extra fast so the person behind me can see that it was not MY fault that we were going so slow, haha.

What’s your driving pet peeve, La Vergne?

On an only semi-related note, did you see in the last water bill that some paving is FINALLY going to get done? And the people rejoiced! In some ways I like to tee hee about people complaining about the roads but that is only because I am originally from Muncie, Indiana, home of the worst roads on the planet. Anyone who has ever driven there can back me up on this. But our roads, when compared to roads in other Middle Tennessee areas, suck, to put it mildly. I’m so glad to see that some paving is finally getting finished! Anyway, here is a list of what’s getting paved starting in April:

The roads slated for repair work, in order of priority, are:

Old Nashville Highway at Chaney Blvd Intersection
Waldron Road near Mapco
Bridge on Carothers Road
Dick Buchanan Street
Sanford Road, two sections
LaVergne Lane
Holland Ridge
Intersection of Holland Ridge and LaVergne Lane
Knollwood Road
Fergus Road

Residents may contact the Public Works Department at 793-9891 with road concerns, including potholes and street light outages.

So talk about it, Lavergninians! Crappy roads or crappy drivers, let’s hear about it!

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