Time to Get Your Hands Dirty

There is a wonderful effort underway in LaVergne.  It’s something that not a lot of people know about yet, but it’s sure to make the 32,000 happy residents happier. We are officially forming a “LaVergne Garden Club” to work on beautification projects around the city. This past fall, we cleaned up around City Hall. There were trees that were trimmed, weeds pulled, and mulch put down.

If that sounds like a good work out, if you want to see nice things in the city, or if you like getting your hands dirty, there is an opportunity TODAY to help out. Last week the big trees in front of the police station were removed. They had gotten so big that as the needles dropped, they landed on the roof and were causing problems.  Also the roots were beginning to cause cracks in the foundation.  (SEE THE PHOTO ON THE RIGHT… you can see how big the trees are and how close they were to the building.)  To preserve the building, the trees were removed and the Garden Club is in the process of helping with a new, aesthetically pleasing garden design for the front of the station that won’t harm the building.  But first, we clean!

From 12:00 noon until ?? (3:00 p.m. perhaps?), volunteers are needed to help clean up in front of the police station.  Bring your gloves, bring a rake if you have one. Or just bring yourself and we can put you to work.

My sources tell me that while you’re at it, you can get a close up look at the fleet of police cars that are parked and ask some questions about the CAD system.

The next meeting of the Garden Club is March 28th at 6:00 p.m.  The meetings are held in the Board Room at City Hall (we have a city sponsor and the work is being done on behalf of the city).  The LaVergne Garden Club will officially be introducing its operating ByLaws at that time, electing officers, and establishing annual dues. This is a prerequisite in order for our local club to be a member of the state and national clubs.

Please consider joining… stop by and say hello and help out if you’re free today.  We’d LOVE to see you there!

And now photos from the Fall clean-up:

Master Gardener Sara Smith not only has great design vision, but is a master weed whacker.

A rake-wielding Alderman Tom Broeker.

Box 100 weather spotter Richard Long pauses just long enough to check his phone.

Mayor Senna Mosley was there helping, too!

Don’t take a shower this morning… sweat a little!  Bring some work gloves. Come get to know some of the volunteers in the community.  Say hello to our police officers as they come in and out. Take pride in your city!  This is a great way to do it! And if you can’t do it today and here, my sources also tell me there will be another clean up day in March by the Hurricane Creek preservation area.


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