BOLO: Left Handed Robber

From the City:


(La Vergne, February 18, 2012) It only took 37-seconds for an armed man to rob Jimmy’s
Tobacco Outlet at 7:46 p.m. on Saturday night, February 18th. Wearing a blue hoodie, blue
bandana, and light leather work gloves, a black man between 5’7” and 5’11” stormed the store
located at 400 Old Nashville Highway and got away with approximately $300. The robber fled
on foot.

Detective Konrad Kaul emphasized the left-handed robber was holding a black pistol grip pump
action shotgun. “If this is a left-handed pistol grip shotgun, it would be unique. If you know of
anyone matching this description, please call the police.”

The armed robber was also wearing white tennis shoes, a white undershirt, and black jeans.
Police are asking the public for any information they may have to identify the suspect. You can
make an anonymous call to the LaVergne Police Department at 793-7744.

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