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The Tennessee Career Center is a great asset for people out of work, including those displaced by company layoffs, people with medical conditions that caused job loss, the underemployed, and people just starting out in the work world.  The state has several career centers set up around the Middle Tennessee area, including one in Murfreesboro at 1313 Old Ford Parkway and another in Nashville at 2200 Rosa Parks Blvd.

At the centers, you can sign up for workshops, learn how to build a resume, or simply apply for open positions.  If you are a job seeker, visiting your closest career center should be a TOP PRIORITY.  Here’s a link to the Murfreesboro location that includes hours of operation, and more.   Or simply call (615) 898-8050.  It may take awhile to get through because this is also where unemployment claims are made, so you know they are super busy.

My sources tell me that a major company is on the verge of a making a formal announcement regarding jobs that are coming to LaVergne. Positions are being hired through the Career Center, so get there as soon as you can if you are seeking a job!  Stay tuned …

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