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How it works:

You can vote once daily, in any category or all the categories, but not more than once in a 24 hour period. I took the top three nominees in every category except a few I cut out due to lack of interest. Voting closes at midnight on February 13th, the winners will be revealed on February 14th, because this is La Vergne LOVES! and we LOVE all of you guys. (even the people who don’t love us, truly) All nominees will receive a certificate, the winners will receive a slightly better certificate!

Thanks for voting!


Food and drink:

*Not in my hand, personally. I don’t drink at all. However, Willstan’s and El Rodeo were the only other nominations so I thought that answer was amusing.


*Kathy Tyson was heavily nominated for this category. However, she has recused herself as she feels her association with This is La Vergne would give her an unfair advantage.



I ended up removing this category because the nominations were very slim, only one school had more than one teacher nominated. Next year I will just put “Favorite La Vergne Teacher” and go on with my day. I *know* there are a lot of excellent teachers out there, two that come to mind immediately are Ms. Okain at Roy Waldron who heads their drama program and puts in tons of extra hours to really help these kids shine and Ed Freytag, who is an amazing band director over at La Vergne High School. And if I sat here for much longer I could go on and on and on. I have been lucky to have had kids in La Vergne Primary, Rock Springs Elementary, Roy Waldron, La Vergne Middle and La Vergne High School. I feel they are getting an excellent quality education and my hat is off to those educators who give La Vergne an extremely important gift.

And Finally…

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