Arrests Up and Crime Down (aka WTG LPD)

Now that the city tax bills have rolled out, money is coming in. This means we will soon begin seeing some of the major repairs outlined in last year’s five-year planning. Of course, the plan is not necessarily carved in stone as sometimes the unexpected happens and newer needs emerge, thereby changing priorities. Case in point is when the water level of the storage tank on Sanders Road dropped this summer. We have heard at Board of Mayor and Aldermen meetings that as a result, building a new pump station is being moved to 2012 from 2015’ish. Basically, “it” happens.

SO yes we do have major infrastructure repairs that will begin in 2012 – now that funding is available.  However, the point of this diatribe, my friends, is that much was done in 2011.  Most of the work focused on building a strong team to work on behalf of citizens.  Many times people paint this work as something that is unfair to employees. Why? Because city workers are being held accountable?  Seems to me that asking employees to DO THEIR JOBS is something we should stand up and applaud.

Let’s not talk about who said what and what their motives are here.  Instead, let’s take a look at the RESULTS from this.  I present to you a link to news about new police officers being sworn-in.  While we are extremely proud of our new officers, look what’s deeper in the news release,

The LaVergne Police Department has already made huge strides in crime reduction. Crimes in the following areas were down in 2011, compared to 2010:  Residential burglary 13%, Business burglary 41%, Drugs 10%, Vandalism 20%, and Theft 30%.

Additionally, the number of arrests increased as follows: Burglary 68%, DUI 12%, Theft 25%, Drivers license violations 14%, and Vandalism 70%.

Why is this a big deal? Remember people talking about the reputation of LaVergne, comparing it to a neighboring city?  Our crimes are DOWN! Our arrests are UP!  So there really is a TANGIBLE, MEASURABLE result of employees doing their jobs.  When the criminal element understands that our police are a “force” to be reckoned with, then hopefully crime does slow down. Our neighborhoods become more safe. Our home values steady-out and are poised to increase as they also increase nationally.  This is a really big deal, LaVergne.

I want to say GREAT JOB to the police for their amazing dedication and work.

I also want to thank members of our board who have stood firmly against the constant criticism they have received this year.  Please know that people with a sense of justice know that your decisions have been difficult and we do appreciate your efforts to save our town. Thank you for being flexible. Thank you for doing research. Thank you for not allowing personal gain and popularity affect your decisions that are ultimately based on making this town a better place to live.

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