OPEN THREAD: The After Christmas Blahs

As holidays draw to a close, the glorious days of making (and eating) Fantasy Fudge are slipping away. The tables at work have been cleared, so no more bowls of party mix and muddy buddies. The trees are starting to droop and it’s getting colder than a well digger’s butt outside.

But worse than that is this year the leftover cans of popcorn (the kind with white cheddar, butter and caramel) are ALL GONE!  Remember how in the past you would see a virtual WALL of these popcorn cans as you checked out of the discount stores?  You could get these festive containers on sale for $2.00 to $2.50 a can.  Did the stores wise-up and order only what they sold last year?  SMH. 

My sources tell me that “SMH” is the cool kids way of saying “Shake my head.”

Perhaps your Lola D. is also feeling the after-Christmas blues because a favorite hotspot in LaVergne is closing its doors. Kym & Bev’s Grill on Old Nashville Highway is closing after lunch on Friday. We are sure going to miss the always friendly and happy place to be.  However, there is good news too.  Under new ownership, the place is reopening next week as “7 Pearls Grill.”  We’ll keep you posted, LaVergne, once we get more information!  Perhaps another restaurant review is coming soon?!  We are looking forward to welcoming the new business!

In closing, let’s give a fond shout-out to our fire department and other emergency support personnel for their work Christmas morning in putting out the dangerous fire at Specialty Arms II on Old Nashville Highway.  These brave souls were (almost) literally dodging bullets to get the fire under control.  They were accompanied by police support, the fire marshal, Box 100 volunteers, and the city’s PIO.  Great job, everyone, and THANK YOU.

What’s on your mind LaVergne?


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