Merry Christmas, La Vergne

I moved here a long time ago. For a lot of people who live here, it’s recent memory, but for me, La Vergne has been one of the longest stopping places on the road of my life. I can’t say I was excited about living here, we basically moved here because La Vergne was the middle point between mine and my husband’s jobs. A couple of years ago I was actively looking to move back to Murfreesboro because I had really had enough of La Vergne, the lack of upkeep, the seeming lack of any codes, no public pool.

Around that time I had some profound changes occur in my life and I ended up not moving back to Murfreesboro. Instead, I stayed here and became determined to do my part to actively seek change in this city. I’ve already talked about some of the things I’ve done along with others to work to make this a better place, I’m not going to go on about it.

What I did want to say is that this has become an exciting place to live. Like my life a couple of years ago, it is experiencing a profound change and whenever that occurs there are people who will be resistant to it, people who are unable to accept that change is coming and it is in fact a good thing. And with great change like this, there are always some growing pains, there are always some troubles. La Vergne is shedding its skin as the “armpit of Rutherford County” and is reshaping itself into something new, something that will be amazing.

People complain that they still see the same unpaved roads, they haven’t seen much of a change. But I have. The appearance items like the roads are something that are going to take money to fix and the bulk of the tax money will not be here until around the end of February. Like everything, it takes time. The changes that are happening are maybe less obvious to someone who isn’t at City Hall on a regular basis as I am. The new department heads are amazing- Jeff Marler in Parks and Rec; Kristin Costanzo, the City Planner; Chief Walker at PD; Greg Skinner at Public Works- I could go on and on. If you were to sit down and talk with each of them, you would catch their enthusiasm and their incredible passion for what our city can be.

I would like to thank every single person who is putting in their time and effort to help this city be a better place. Whether you’re an employee or a resident or an elected official, thank you from the bottom of my heart, this is an exciting time for our city and I can see that things will only get better from here.

As I was writing this, I saw this pop up in my Facebook feed. It’s awesome and I am so proud to be able to say he’s one of the people who represents my city, go read it for yourself: Alderman Broeker’s wishes for La Vergne

I hope you all have an excellent Christmas.

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