Restaurant Review: Maria Mariah Grill

On Wednesday afternoon, I had the pleasure to dine at Maria Mariah Grill. It is located on the west side of La Vergne off Waldron Road across the street from Fire Station #2. I had eaten there years before when it was a somewhat shady looking Mexican place. I was very pleased when I walked in to see the decor has changed massively and it is very classy and beautiful.


The menu had a wonderful, new selection. There were starters, salads, steaks, sandwiches, pasta, chicken & fish, desserts, and a section called: A Taste of Mexico.

From A Taste of Mexico was ordered the Chimichanga with rice and beans. They loved it. 5/5 stars!

The excellent chimichanga.


Off of the Salad section there was a Chicken Salad. The Chicken Salad had wonderful, juicy chicken paired with fresh lettuce,  tomatoes, and tasty cheese, as a few of the great ingredients.  It also scored a 5/5!

The wonderful Chicken Salad.

From the Sandwich section was ordered a Grilled Ribeye Sandwich with mayo on a toasted roll. The sandwich also included a side of rice.  Yet another 5/5 for Maria Mariah Grill!

The Rib Eye Sandwich with rice, ordered rare and cooked exactly as ordered.


From the Pasta section there were two Maria’s Lasagnas ordered. The lasagnas were exquisite and they were served with two slices of toasted bread. You guessed it, another 5/5!

The Lasagna with bread.


I am so glad to have another restaurant to choose from for lunch. The manager said that they were going to come out with a lunch menu with smaller portions and prices soon, which is great since that was my only small complaint with the restaurant. The food and service were excellent. Here is the takeout menu:

maria-mariah takeout menu


Be sure to check Maria Mariah (at 580 Waldron Road) out when you have a chance!

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