Letters to Santa

Dear Santa,

I hope your elves are not overworked at this time of year, but I know that they are just doing their jobs – which is what most employers expect from their workers.  But please consider giving them a bonus – maybe more hot chocolate and candy canes!  My friend asked me the other day why grown-ups don’t write letters to Santa and if I did, what would I ask for?  So please forgive me for being forward in giving you my Christmas list.

  • Please help my friends L, M, R, S, T, T, and H find jobs. They have searched long and hard, applying at lots of different places. Part of the difficulty they face boils down to age.  Most are over 45 years old, but two are under 22 years old. The older ones have too much experience and the younger ones don’t have enough.  Plus my older friends really can no longer handle work that requires them to be on their feet for eight hours or other manual labor.
  • Lots of cures:  for autism, cancer, and diabetes.

Now I want some less serious things, too!

  • All expense paid vacation to a tropical island for at least two months.
  • New gutters for my house.
  • Replacement windows for the house, too! The kind that tilts in to clean!
  • Someone to invent the transporter so people will STOP SPEEDING DOWN MY STREET!
  • A playground in Lake Forest Estates.
  • People who hate my little town to leave.  Just. Leave.
  • A newspaper for LaVergne that covers city news without prejudice because the editor is not a pinhead.
  • Less salt in my diet. No more stumps to dig out. And a cute Japanese nickname for all my favorite people. (Okay Santa, you may not understand that one, but you DO know who’s naughty and who’s nice, right? Right?)
  • A diamond mine.
  • More chocolate in this world – prefer milk chocolate.
  • More police officers and more firefighters. AND new vehicles for the PoPo’s.
  • To move the convenience center on Sand Hill to a different, central location and use that hilltop for something awesome like a drive-in-theater, concert venue, or community recreation center!
  • Grape, strawberry, cherry, black cherry, lemon-lime, orange, lemonade, raspberry, tropical punch… they’re all good flavors and we should pick one OFFICIAL flavor for the city! Let’s vote!


That’s it for me, Santa.  I know my list is long and unrealistic, but it was fun writing it all down.  Hey LaVergnians… what do YOU want Santa to bring you?  My sources tell me these comments may be moderated! Play nice!


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