School Board Zones to be Revisited

The Rutherford County Board of Commissioners agreed tonight to revisit the school and road boards zoning districts.  Carol Cook motioned and Matthew Young seconded to reconvene the redistricting committee to again look at the maps that outline the areas board members serve.

After some intense discussion and with the measure receiving unconditional support from Brad Turner and Rhonda Allen, the motion passed 12-7-1.

ABSTAINING from vote:

Doug Shafer, LaVergne

Voting FOR:

Jack Black, Lascassas
Carol Cook, LaVergne
Joe Frank Jernigan, Readyville
Tiffany Phillips, Bell Buckle
Brad Turner, Smyrna
Rhonda Allen, Smyrna
Robert Stevens, Smyrna
Charlie Baum, Murfreesboro
Adam Coggin, Murfreesboro
Matthew Young, Murfreesboro
Jeff Phillips, Murfreesboro
Allen McAdoo, Murfreesboro


Will Jordan, Murfreesboro
Gary Farley, Murfreesboro
Steve Sandlin, Murfreesboro
Jeff Jordan, Murfreesboro
Joyce Ealy, Murfreesboro
Trey Gooch, Murfreesboro
Chantho Sourinho, Murfreesboro

What’s next?  This is LaVergne will be watching WHEN and WHERE the redistricting committee will meet so – this round – people will attend the meetings and committee members will see how important it is that there is fair and equal representation, specifically on the board that serves all the children of Rutherford County.

My sources tell me that the following people should be congratulated for taking a stand in front of the Rutherford County Board of Commissioners on our behalf:  Jason Cole, Ivy Hogan, Carolyn Hickerson, and Tom Broeker.  OUR THANKS TO YOU for standing in front of the microphone and speaking on behalf of residents of LaVergne, Smyrna, Eagleville, Lascassas, Milton, Readyville … the entire county!

Also thanks to Mayor Mosley, Alderman Green, and Alderman Waldron for attending the meeting tonight.


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