**URGENT: Needle Found In Tootsie Roll**

Got this urgent media advisory in my email just a few minutes ago:

A concerned father filed a report at the LaVergne Police
Department on Monday evening that his 12-year old child discovered a sewing needle in a
tootsie roll. The child was not injured.

The father said the child went trick-or-treating on the following streets in Lake Forest
Subdivision: Randall Lane, Little John Cove, Jack Patton Cove, and David’s Way (from Randall
Lane to Forest Ridge).

The police advise parents to dispose of any remaining
candy if their children were in this area.

“This is a major concern,” said Chief of Police Mike Walker. “The safety of our children is of the
utmost importance. Sometimes making sure kids are safe may require a drastic measure such
as throwing away Halloween candy. We strongly recommend that parents take this action if
they cannot ensure that the candy is safe for consumption.”

The picture was included in the email but caution is urged with any type of candy and not just tootsie rolls, as candy often comes in mixed bags.

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