Piece of World Trade Center in Rutherford County

The world virtually stopped on September 11, 2001. Ten years later, Rutherford County has a piece of history as a part of a 911 Memorial.  A 3,000 pound I-beam from the World Trade Center is on display at the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office. From Tower 1, the memorial will become a historical landmark in Rutherford County.

The cost is expected to be about $30,000 and the county invites you to be a part of it.  The sheriff’s office is selling bricks at $100 for an 8×8 and $50 for a 4×8 brick to help fund the monument.  All monument donations are being accepted.

If you are interested in contributing, call Sgt. Jimmy Cassidy at 904-3018, Deputy Greg Dotson at 904-3033 or Deputy Jim Noe at 904-3019.

The monument design is impressive!

911 Memorial Design

Visit the Rutherford County Sheriff’s Office on facebook here.

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  1. Leanne
    November 6, 2011 at 10:36 am

    I think it is humbling that Rutherford County has beam right here in Rutherford County for all of us to visit and mark our permanent mark on.

    Let us all join in with making our own personal/permanent mark on this memorial with the purchase of a brick and/or paver.

    Any and all donations are also needed to purchase the lighting, four 30′ flag poles and the four urns representing the four airplanes of that fateful day. Four urns on each corner will represent the innocent citizens flying on four airplanes the terrorists crashed into the two World Trade Center towers, the Pentagon and in Pennsylvania. The flight numbers will be inscribed on a brass band around each urn.

    As Deputy Dotson put it:
    The beam itself wasnt simply put anywhere. It’s placement is down to the inch.
    “18 degrees towards New York City,” said Deputy Greg Dotson with the Community Services Unit.
    From its resting place, it’s a straight shot to ground zero.
    “727 miles via the way the crow flies,” Dotson said.

    Special thanks as well to G. S. Steel Erection:
    “It’s just humbling,” said Gary Sagaser of G.S. Steel Erection, Inc. who installed the monument free of charge. “It’s just a small portion of what we can give back for what everybody’s been through.”

    Also a special thanks to:
    Tennessee Steel Haulers who stepped up and volunteered to uncover one of its proprietor-operators to transport the steel to its new home.
    When the time arrived, TSH driver David Judy, a veteran who served in Operation Iraqi Flexibility, was in New York and obtainable to bring the steel to Murfreesboro.
    “This was a opportunity of a lifetime. I was in the correct place at the correct time. I am lucky to get this opportunity,” Judy stated about donating his time and abilities to the operation.

    Deputy Jim Noe said Americans need to remember the fallen heroes and show solidarity.
    “We want to let our neighbors know we are still united under the cause of freedom,”

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