Help for Keeping Roof Over Your Head

Besides helping the spiritual lives of people, churches often see to the physical needs of the hungry, the cold, and the sick. In LaVergne, one church has taken its ministry of care and love one step further. They are professionally trained specialists in foreclosure prevention and they want to help residents who are struggling to make their house payments due to job loss or other hardship.

On Saturday, November 5th at Life of Victory Church, 599 Waldron Road, the Keep Your Home-Foreclosure Prevention event will offer homeowners the chance to work directly with their loan service provider through housing support organizations. Homeowners are urged to bring their most recent communication (mail) from their mortgage company.

According to a news release from Minister Brenda Bryant, several options are available including the Hardest Hit Fund which is designed to help unemployed and substantially underemployed homeowners meet their mortgage obligations.  She said, “HHF assistance is prepared as a loan, but the loan is forgiven over five years, 20 percent per year.  If the family keeps the home as their primary residence for five years the loan is completely forgiven. ”

Also in the news release,

The foreclosure prevention counselors, who have provided Tennesseans with free counseling since 2008, prepare the documentation with the homeowner.  If approved, HHF makes monthly payments directly to the loan service provider, the lender that collects payments from the homeowner, for no more than 12 months. For Rutherford County, the total loan amount can be up to $15,000.

Not all service providers are accepting Hardest Hit Fund payments; however there are several eligibility requirements for those who do. There must have been a 30 percent loss in income for homeowners through no fault of their own. If a homeowner applied for the program previously when the original income loss requirement was at 50 percent loss, they are encouraged to apply again at

If you find yourself needing help, this event may be the answer to your prayers. It is sponsored by Life of Victory Church, State Representative Mike Sparks, and Mayor Senna Mosley.

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