Excellent News For Tanning Boutique Customers!

Hey there, La Vergne! I’m glad to be bringing you some great news today. I talked with Stephanie Tellez on Friday. (Sorry this is just coming today- I have been out of town with spotty wifi) She told me quite a lot more about the circumstances behind the Tanning Boutique’s closing. She has had a very rough past 6 months, especially in the financial arena. Her husband left her, she’s had to have a couple of surgeries, her daughter has had health problems- imagine, if that was you. She also told me she has not filed bankruptcy yet. The paperwork of dissolution shown, she said, is because she didn’t have the money to pay to keep the business active.

But all the customers who still had active packages should not fret, because Hollywood Tans is going to honor them. This is what she posted on her Facebook:


Dear Loyal Tanning Boutique Clients,


Due to many things including the economy, as you know, we are no longer able to serve your tanning needs.  No matter what you’ve heard, closing was a very difficult decision.  But, one that was tragically unavoidable.  Everyone we’ve encountered became a part of our lives and, as cliche as it may be, have shaped us one way or another. Thank you so much for being apart of The (brief) Tanning Boutique.


We realize that you may have unused tans.  You will be able to redeem those tans at Hollywood Tans.  They will be giving tanning credit to all of our customers that had unused visits. They have a current list of every customer’s account.  They also have the tanning lotions we stored for you. Hollywood Tans has 2 locations to serve you in Middle Tennessee.  The Smyrna location is at 479 Sam Ridley Blvd in front of Home Depot.  The Nashville location is in Nippers Corner at 15540 Old Hickory Blvd. beside Publix.


Thank you again for giving us the opportunity to serve you and the community. If you have any questions, please call Hollywood Tans at 615-223-5612.



The Tanning Boutique


So, I’m glad to be giving you that good news this morning. And on a totally different note: is anyone really glad to see the rain? I missed it.

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