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I was riding somewhere with a friend when she told me The Tanning Boutique had closed. I was sad to hear it- I’m sad to hear any business closes down because from knowing people who have owned businesses both successfully and unsuccessfully, they put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into making it work. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t. I’m always sad to hear when it doesn’t.

So when a reader came to me and said that she and other people had bought tanning packages and lotion *after* the date the business was dissolved, I asked for proof. This reader provided it to me and I am sharing this here. I do not do this to pile on to another person’s misfortunes. I am doing this in hopes that these people who have had this happen to them, can perhaps get a resolution.

I would like to state here that any local tanning place that would consider giving the reader and anyone else who could produce a receipt or a bank statement, either credit equal to what they paid or even an incredibly sweet deal, would get a post of their own here and I’d also link to them in the links down below. Why should they do this when they have nothing to do with the Tanning Boutique’s closing? Because it’s a nice thing to do and is good PR.

So here are the reader’s words and below I will post the copy of the dissolution papers and the reader’s bank statement.

I have been in contact with the owner via Facebook and she has stated she will NOT be making refunds. She has also posted this herself on the business’ Facebook page. She states she wasn’t aware she would have to close till they turned off the electricity from lack of payment. 
I find this insulting to customers, everyone knows when your electric bill is due, when your rent is due.  To say her bills were a surprise is insulting. It states on her FB page everything (meaning bills came in to be paid) happened and her closing was in three days time. Unacceptable. 
If the electric is turned off I believe she would of had warnings of it to happen. She also knew when her rent would be due. 
She also states on FB there is no money to refund. I purchased a package and pre ordered a lotion (I never received) less than 5 days before she closed. Where did my money go? It obviously wasn’t to pay bills.
I am sending a link to the article she posted. It is very personal and persuasive.  Till you begin to think logically about how things work in life.

I am attaching The Tanning Boutique’s paperwork from the state (available to anyone on the Sec. of State’s website) that shows her business officially  with the state dissolved on August 9th.  I went into her business on August 10th and made a purchase of 79.64.  Her lawyer on the dissolving paperwork shows to be Phillip M. George in Smyrna.


(Editor’s note: Note the date of dissolution is August 9th.)

I’m attaching my bank statement page that has the transaction.  It has a date of 8/12 due to that is the date it cleared my bank.  

(click to view larger)
I completely understand about a failing business and losing money.  If she had forewarned customers of this happening I would not be upset.  But it takes days to file for bankruptcy, file business dissolution papers with the city/state.  She knew she would be closing and continued to take money from customers.  This is wrong.  She stated on Facebook her daughter was working for free, she wasn’t paying the electric or rent.  So where is the money she received from customers during that time?  And to have her doors opening receiving funds after the state has her business as inactive?!! I am assuming that is not a legal situation; especially since she was receiving funds for future services for a business she already knew to be inactive and was in the process of filing bankruptcy.  I should have listened to my gut feelings because on August 10th when I went there I was told there was a plumbing problem and the bathroom was out of order.  Now I think it is more likely her water was already shut off.  I know this is only speculation on my part.  But I feel it is one more check in the column of her lying to customers.

Thank you for responding and researching this.  It is a great and heart warming feeling to know there are people who will still stand up for what is right.

Thank you again.

So, that’s what the reader sent me. If anyone can help this reader or anyone else who has lost money, please do so in the comments. Let me say this, however, I do not want this to turn into a big personal attacky dramafest, either against the owner of the Tanning Boutique or the reader who sent this in. I present this here because the reader had facts to back up what she said, and again, in hopes that she and any others who this happened to, might be able to get some resolution.

What do you think, La Vergne?

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