Something To Be Proud Of

Dear neighbors and friends,

Yesterday while I was at the La Vergne Youth Football game at Veterans’ Memorial Park, I overheard some people talking. A woman said, “Actually, this is really nice. I always thought La Vergne was a dump, but this park is really great.” I thought about all the times that I had been down on La Vergne, myself, back when the city was being raped by developers and other people who had zero problems making this city into a cash grab for themselves and their buddies rather than a community of people who wanted better for their town, their friends, their families.

And while I was busy being mad about it, other people had a vision and were actually doing something about it. Then I started talking to these people and getting out and doing something about it myself. And here I am, constantly entreating those of you who would like to complain, to actually do something.

See, I’m not that different than you. I was once where you were at. And you might think you’re doing something about it, with your meetups and your petitions and what have you, but I ask you: who will pay for the special election? Who is behind the petition? Do you really know these people? What do they stand to gain?

I see a comment thread on one of the La Vergne websites where a certain person who, I have heard,  is one of the right hand men of one of the developers that caused the mess that everyone wants to complain about, is busily sowing the seeds of hate and discontent. And he calls our mayor corrupt. I laughed. And I cried, because people who are angry about the tax increase are likely to just up and agree with this guy without knowing who he is and what he stands to gain by getting rid of our mayor and board and putting in some people that THEY agree with.

Ask yourself: what do I TRULY stand to gain by signing this petition and causing this kind of instability? Ask yourself: what do OTHER people stand to gain? Like, people who already own a lot of property here and are buying up more property as we speak? What does a person stand to gain by our property values plummeting?

I generally stay away from the hate-filled message that is being sent around by others in this town. My friends tell me about it frequently, however. How there are people that, even when the city does get positive press, still want to run it down and go on a national news website to share with the world what an awful place this really is. It says to me that their message is one of hate instead of love. Think about this: it is far easier to get people on board with a hate-filled message than one of love. It is far easier to be angry than stand strong and positive in the face of hardship.

I will keep sending a message of love. I will still do my best to help those in need. I ask you to join me in this. I still stand, proud of my city, and I believe in its citizens and employees and elected officials, and I will work- give my time, my money, whatever I have- to help those who need help. I offer a hand to anyone- regardless of their politics. Do you need something? What can I do for you? Contact me through the “Complain here” form at the top of the page.

With love to all of you,


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