Open Thread A Day Early

I keep starting posts and then leaving them in the drafts. Other people who can see the back end of this site are probably like, what the heck, Ivy, can’t you put a post together lately? For some reason, I cannot.

There’s so much I do want to say, too, like I still believe in you, La Vergne, and I still believe we can come together. And then I see where someone’s made a comment that is so blind to the other side- on both sides of the argument, mind you- that I think, how can we begin to come together when there are so many people who are hell bent on pushing things apart?

I again encourage all of you with questions to contact city hall yourselves. And get to know some of the city workers, the fire fighters, the police, the public works people, all of them. They’re all good people with big hearts that really care about this city.

So, talk amongst yourselves, neighbors. Anything you want, this is an open thread and does not have to be on topic.

I leave you with some cool pics of our public works guys hard at work. Some days are crappier than others, ha ha.

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