Are You Okay?

This, from the city this morning:

“Are You OK” program available in La Vergne

R U OK takes the fear out of being alone.

Rutherford County students return to school this week and many step off the bus, then go home to empty houses. Spending time at home alone can be a scary experience for children, but they don’t have to feel vulnerable.

The La Vergne Police Department offers a free program called “Are You OK®?” that checks on latch-key children, along with the elderly, disabled, and the homebound with a daily phone call.  The nationwide telephone reassurance system calls individuals at a specific time each day to ask, “Are you okay?”

The system can call subscribers more than once a day, and/or at different times on different days. Additionally, various messages are available including medication reminders.

If a regular “Are you OK” call is made and there is no answer or a busy signal after a defined number of retries, a police officer will be dispatched to the residence to see if the resident is okay.

“Are You OK takes the fear out of being alone,” said La Vergne Police Chief Mike Walker. “We urge people who might be at risk – whether it’s from extremely hot temperatures or a child being home alone – to call and subscribe to ‘Are You OK?’”

To subscribe to “Are You OK?” locally, simply call the non-emergency phone number of the LaVergne Police Department at 793-7744 and give the name and phone number of the person who needs the service.

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