Wolverines Football- There’s Still Time To Get Your Kid In!

La Vergne Wolverines football and cheerleading is about to start! There are going to be 2 home preseason games- July 30 (tomorrow) and August 6th. There are still spots open for all age levels, and a few coaches are still needed. That’s for both cheerleading and football. The last date you can sign up is August 12th, so be quick.

There’s an away jamboree on August 13th and then the regular season starts on August 20th and runs until playoffs in November. Ahhhhh, football season. LOVE.

They do charge admission to the pre- and post- season games to help raise funds- $4 for persons age 13 and up. So if you would like to do something to help our youth, come on out this Saturday and see some kids play football. Your admission goes to help the league, which in turn is a major thing to help kids build confidence and teamwork and eleventy billion other things.

Check http://www.lavergneyouthfootball.org for more information or a schedule of the games.

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