Town Hall Meeting Moved

In order to accommodate more people, the Town Hall meeting on Thursday has been moved to the Multipurpose Building behind city hall. It can hold up to 300 people as compared to the board room’s 104. It is at 7 PM on this upcoming Thursday, July 21st. Please try to come to voice your opinion.


Also, kudos to the La Vergne police for busting a meth lab and rescuing 6 children and 2 pets from the house. They also had to have a Hazmat unit out there to decontaminate all living beings in the house. There apparently was a big dog and a little dog. The big dog enjoyed being decontaminated. The little dog took personal offense, however. Here is a video from WSMV Channel 4 News.


That’s what’s on my mind this pleasantly rainy afternoon. What is on your mind?

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