Board of Mayor & Aldermen Meeting 7/5/2011

The Board of Mayor and Aldermen Meeting was last night and I was there. Three people stood up to speak at the public hearing: Stan Glasgow, Mike Webb and Jerry Butler. They all said various stuff on the same theme: the petition to unincorporate.

Just think about how great it is that we are now able to sign up to speak right before the meeting. Previously you had to sign up a week in advance and it had to be about something that was on the agenda, and how did you know what was on the agenda before the workshop? I’m still trying to figure that out. I applaud our current board for ensuring our rights as citizens to voice our opinions.

Ya know, I feel like I’m flogging the dead horse here by talking about this petition over and over. I am having a hard time deciding whether my words have any effect whatsoever or not. It seems like this town has split into, are you a Senna fan or a Dennis fan and I do not like this one bit.

Why can’t we come together and be fans of this city?

Last night, the people who stood up to speak said that the petition to unincorporate was not to have the county take over but to have the city revert back to an old charter that instead of having a board of Mayor and Aldermen, the city would be run by commissioners, one commissioner for each department. Can you imagine what an impact that would have on our city?

Let’s imagine I’m the commissioner of the library and Steve Noe is the commissioner of Parks and Rec and Sherry is the commissioner of public works and Sarah is the commissioner of the police department, etc. How do you decide who gets what money? Sarah would argue the most important thing is public safety. I would argue an educated public is of highest priority. Steve and Sherry would be slugging it out about giving the kids something to do vs. giving us decent roads to drive on.

I just don’t see how that could be any more efficient than what we have already. Additionally, I wonder why this was never brought up to the media in all the times they have talked to the media. I have not heard a thing about this old charter until last night and believe me, I have been paying attention.

Also, think about this. What do these three men have to gain by getting our current board booted out and instating a commissioner-type government? One of the men mentioned that he had a piece of property that he didn’t know he owned. Let’s think about that. How much property do you have to own to be able to forget a piece?

Anyway, interesting meeting last night. There is a lot to think about here, about what we really want for our city. What La Vergne needs more than anything right now is to be able to take pride in our city and I think our current board is really working on that. The Picnic in the Park was a great step toward that, and I think the Old Timer’s Festival is going to absolutely bump that up several notches. I thank our Mayor and Aldermen who have really stepped up to the plate to get this for us. I’d especially like to thank Alderman Broeker as the Picnic in the Park was really kind of his “baby” and he put an immense amount of work into it.

It all came together thanks to the hard work of a lot of people, and they cannot be forgotten either. The city workers and various board members donated a lot of their time and effort for free to help pull this off. I think it was an amazing start in the right direction, the direction our city wants to go.

UPDATE: You can watch the board meeting for yourself on Thursday the 7th at 7 PM or Friday the 8th at 7 PM on City Channel 3.

Enough pontificating from me, what’s on your mind, La Vergne?

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