The Fireworks Were Awesome! (And So Was The Picnic In The Park)

I had a really amazing time at the Picnic in the Park, and it looks like I wasn’t the only one. Just looking at my Facebook feed, everyone else seemed to have had a great time. And there were so many people there, and from what I saw, everyone was generally pretty well-behaved which is awesome. I am so proud to live in this city.

The fireworks finale was the coolest one I’ve ever seen. I did take a short video of it- forgive it’s crappiness, it’s from my cell phone. Here it is: Or, not. I hate you, WordPress. Go to This is La Vergne’s Facebook page to see the video.

And here are a couple of pics I took (again, crappy cell phone. Anybody want to buy me a digital Rebel? I’ll totally love you for the rest of my life if you do):

And, this last one:



So, a big thanks to our elected officials and the Parks and Rec department for putting this shindig on. Thanks to everyone who helped and donated stuff, both individuals and local businesses. It was a great success!

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