Now, We Want Your Blood

No, not me. The Red Cross! They are having a Smyrna/La Vergne Donor Day on July 7th at Life Point Church from 1-6 PM. But, this isn’t just any old time to donate, first, they are giving free t-shirts to the first 50 people who donate, so there’s free stuff other than the stickers and OJ you normally get. Additionally, they are having giveaways. There are gift cards to places like IHOP and the Smyrna Bowling Alley, and many other places.

You may be thinking: Oh my gosh! I cannot wait to do this! I love giving blood! How do I get signed up?

Well, it’s simple. You can simply go to and click on “Make a blood donor appointment.” Then you can choose “Use a Sponsor Code” and enter this code: smyrna19

From there, if you have not used the website to donate before, you can set up a new account. Or, if you have used the website to donate, simply log in and choose a time.

If that seems like too much effort, you can always call 1-800-RED-CROSS to make an appointment.

I already set up my appointment, how about you?

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