It’s Summer Picnic Time- Share Your Recipes, La Vergne!

Let’s stop dwelling on the bad and think about the good, like the fact that it’s summer which means grilling out and picnics and all kinds of other fun stuff. I recently found out that making potato salad and devilled eggs is not the ordeal I once thought it was, thanks to my pal Debbie Heughan. So, let’s hear your summer picnic recipes, kids!

In exchange, I’ll give you my awesome Cilantro-Lime Taco recipe:

Serves: About 4

Prep time: 30 minutes (if you’re crap with a knife, as I am. Faster if you can use a knife decently fast)

Cooking time: 15 minutes




1.5 lbs of chicken breast tenderloin

Some: Nature’s Seasons, cumin, chili powder, cayenne pepper

small amount of oil (I used peanut oil, but you could use anything)

1/2 cup cilantro leaves, cut finely

2 limes, cut into 8ths

1 tomato

1/2 cup green onions

1/2 cup mexican blend cheese

Flour tortillas


Put the oil in a largish frying pan and heat it up. I set my stove between 6 and 7, but whatever works for you. While that’s heating up, start cutting your chicken into really small chunks. Mine were like a quarter inch thick or so. Once you have that all cut up, toss it into the pan, which should be hot enough by now. Turn it up to, say, 8. While the chicken is cooking, whip out your Nature’s Seasoning and put a goodly amount on the chicken. (For people on special diets, low-sodium or no black pepper- the main things that make Nature’s Seasons so tasty, I think, is garlic powder and celery seed. When I cook at my mom’s, that’s what I use in place of it because my dad is on a low-sodium, no black pepper diet and Nature’s Seasons is salty and black peppery as all get out) Do the same with the other seasonings above. The chicken should cook up in no time, so just keep tasting once the chicken is cooked, until you get the amount of heat you want in your chicken. Turn your stove down to its lowest setting.


Then, wash up and cut up all your vegetable type stuff. Put it in separate fancy little bowls so you feel like you’re at a fancy Mexican restaurant. Take 2 of your little lime wedges and squeeze over the chicken. Serve. Accept compliments on your fabulous cooking.


**Now, you can cook the cilantro in to the chicken, but in my household, there are people who will cry about this because they had the tremendous misfortune to have genetics that make cilantro taste like soap to them. Not wanting to make folks in my house eat lime-soap chicken tacos, funny as it might be, I don’t cook the cilantro in. But you *can*, if you want.**


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