Open Thread Friday: Gossipy Edition

So, I hear there are a couple of petitions going around town. One of which, people want to do away with the city charter and get rid of the board of mayor and aldermen altogether. Talk about cutting off one’s nose to spite their face! Wouldn’t you LOVE to live in a town with no police and fire protection? Especially, here?

Another petition, I hear, is targeting Senna specifically. I guess these people have never considered that Senna is not the only person who voted to raise taxes.

Personally, I think it would be fun if we got rid of the city charter. I’ll stage a coup and take over. I’ll triple taxes and use the money to kick everyone out of town that I don’t like. And, get me a pony. <-----this entire paragraph is me joking around, for the humor impaired. So, it's open thread time. What is on your mind, La Vergne? What do you think about these petitions?

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