Resources for Tennessee Gardeners

The rainy weather, while great for my garden (with the possible exception of my tomatoes), has got me feeling a bit of cabin fever this weekend. This is only my third season growing vegetables in my own home garden, and I am still getting over the steep learning curve involved, so while I’m stuck inside I thought I’d share some resources that I have found very useful as a novice veggie gardener.

  • Let’s start with the University of Tennessee’s Institute of Agriculture, which has a vast library of free online publications which are full of info on growing fruits and vegetables, as well as tree and lawn care in TN, available here.
  • UT also offers other helpful services such as the Distance Diagnostics program and the Soil Plant and Pest Center. More information on these and other programs can be found here.
  • One of my favorite new places to find info on home farming is the Ask Farmer Jason column over at Local Table Magazine, an online “Guide to Food and Farming in Middle Tennessee”. Farmer Jason is the alter ego of Jason and the Scorchers frontman Jason Ringenberg, who practices sustainable gardening on his home farm west of Nashville.
  • The Metro Nashville Public Works Department offers information on composting on their website, and even sells home composting equipment at the convenience center located at 1019 Omohundro Place in Nashville.

Who else out there is trying to grow their own food at home? Feel free to share any links you’ve found useful!

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