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Yesterday, I asked some questions and got some very good answers. I urge you to go read the comments there and start thinking about what you can do to help. I would be glad to help anyone who wants to work on starting one of these programs, to do so. I would also be glad to advertise here. I especially love the idea of helping those who can’t mow their own lawns (for valid reasons) get their lawns taken care of. I think this is a program we could do as citizens working together.

I was talking to Chris Farmer recently and he said that he wants La Vergne to be home for people. Not the armpit of Rutherford County, not Lower Antioch, not all the bad things people say about it, but home. I have said before that I believe we can make La Vergne be the jewel of Rutherford county. This will take a lot of us working together, not just our city leaders, but the citizens and business owners as well. That was the question that kept coming to my mind on Tuesday night when people were protesting the taxes. What do you want for our city?

So many people were talking about how they’d move. How La Vergne would be a ghost town. I say, fine, move. Good luck finding someplace cheaper even with the tax increases. Also, if you’re not willing to stay and fight for this city to become the best place it possibly can be, go on and get out. We want people who are willing to really put out the effort to help this city move forward and become a place we can be proud of- and call home.

On my link to yesterday’s post on the TiLV FB page, I asked the same questions that were at the bottom of the post. A response I got was this: “I’ll give them my taxes and water and sewer payments. other than that, I got nothing to give!” and then Alderman Tom Broeker came in and commented this: “Ms. Charlotte, possibly just your patience and eventually your partnership as we fight to turn our city around. Please hold us accountable for every cent of it. I assure you we will not let you down!”

Here is what I promise you, our readers. Remember Ronald Reagan and his whole, “Trust but verify” thing? I believe in our city leaders. But I will verify that they are living up to their promises. I saw so many people that believe that they are going to tax us and then just squander our money. I understand this because how many politicians on all levels have done this to us in the past? Look at how many people ran for the Tennessee Legislature on a “small government” and “don’t worry, we’ll get you jobs” platform. Have you seen a whole lot of legislation to come out of the TN Legislature that’s “small government” or “jobs-related”? All I have seen is a whole bunch of nonsense, and things designed to make the TN government bigger and bigger and more restrictive.

There might not be much I can do about the Tennessee Legislature, but I can promise you I will be your watchdog here locally. I will go to meetings and I will report about what I saw. (I’m only gonna liveblog if anything interesting is set to happen)

“But Ivy,” some of you might say, “You’ve already admitted that most of these people are your friends. How can we trust you not to leave things out or spin things in their favor?” You can ask any person who has been my friend for quite some time: I am the first to tell a friend when I think they are screwing up. And, feel free to come to the meetings with me. Comment on what you thought about what was said. Call the elected officials and talk to them. E-mail me and talk to me. (ivy at thisislavergne dot com)

Together, we can make La Vergne be our happy home, the shining city on the hill, the jewel of Rutherford County.

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