Buy A Weather Radio And Get It Programmed For Free On Saturday

(La Vergne, June 7, 2011) The Fire Department of the City of LaVergne is teaming up with
Kroger to bring weather radios to residents at cost. On June 11, 2011 from 12:00 noon to 4:00
pm, the Kroger store on Murfreesboro Road in La Vergne will sell weather radios at cost and
give away free batteries.

Because radios can sometimes be complicated to set up, fire fighters from LaVergne will be on-
hand to program the radios for free. The radios serve as an early warning device in the event of
severe, potentially life-threatening weather.

“The lack of knowledge of inclement weather is the number one cause of death during storms,”
said Fire Marshal Victor Woods. “Not knowing the weather is approaching is a big issue, but
people also need to have an emergency plan should bad weather approach. For example,
figure out your safe location, bring materials that could prevent injury from flying debris, and
plan for your children and pets.”

Kroger spokesperson Robin Gillespie said, “Should you lose power to your house during
storms, a weather radio is a great back-up system for getting early warning notification. We are
pleased to partner with the city to both educate citizens about weather safety and to bring these
items at low- to no-cost.” Kroger is giving away weather radio batteries for free and providing
the weather radios for $29.99.

Stonecrest Medical Center is helping to sponsor the event and will give away miniature first-aid
kits. Additionally, city fire trucks and the Rescue Squad will be on-hand for children to explore.

For more information, contact Woods at (615) 287-8670 or email

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