La Vergne Doubles Tax Rates, A Summary Of Last Night

Last night was a night of high emotions and plenty of drama. A whole lot more people got up to speak against taxes than got up to speak for taxes. I think that is interesting because even when I talked with a lot of people who are totally unconnected with any of the elected officials, the majority were for the tax increase. But it’s hard to feel passionate for a tax increase. The people who were there last night that supported the tax increase were not as much passionate about taxes, they were passionate about our elected officials who supported the tax increase. A gentleman who was there last night said, “I see the lines drawn mainly between Mosley supporters and Waldron supporters, but I am a supporter of the city of La Vergne.”

I can really get down with that sentiment because before I supported Mayor Mosley, and Aldermen Farmer and Broeker, I was a supporter of La Vergne. I’d like to think I can support all of those equally.

There were some major arguments on the board last night. There were 2 things that struck me the most last night. The first thing was the Mayor listing all the things that had been bought on the city credit card when Ronnie Erwin was mayor. We, the taxpayers, were paying for him to have lunch over at Wilstan’s nearly every day, and he was leaving 100% tips. I’m a pretty generous tipper, coming from a restaurant family as I do, however when I’m paying with someone else’s money, I leave the standard 20%. And the car washes. We paid for Ronnie Erwin to have a shiny car. Gah, that makes me mad.

The other thing is this. Dennis Waldron said, “I’ve been looking at this budget for 2 weeks.” Later, Tom Broeker got after him about that, saying he had spent 2 and a half months looking at this budget diligently. And that, my friends, is the difference between the new people we have in this administration, and the people who have sat on this board either previously, or they’re still here. I really do not think that due diligence was given to our city’s inner workings in the past. I think it has been a very long time since we have had a team of officials who were willing and able to really put the time and effort in that we as citizens deserve.

It is easy for me to support the tax increase- not because I can afford it, because as I have said before, I am really struggling financially- but because I really believe in our elected officials. When this last election came up, I thought, I am going to trot down and really get to know these people. I did just that. The people who really took the time to talk to me, are the people I supported.

I guess that is what has me a little upset about this whole thing- they didn’t talk to me because I’m special. They would be glad to talk to anyone who would care to call, email, text, whatever you’re comfortable with.

I had so much more that I wanted to say, but I had a couple of disturbing (personal, not related to the city) phone calls right in the middle of writing this, and my train of thought is now totally derailed. I will have to come back later and post more, I think.

I do remember the one question I wanted to ask. So many people came up last night and said that they know we need more police, they know this city needs to be fixed, but they didn’t want to (or could not afford to) pay for the increase. My question is this: What do you think we could do for this city that would not cost the city money? What are you willing to put in to help this city change and move forward?

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