Tonight’s Workshop: Overview

My overall impression of this workshop is this: Stay classy, La Vergne. It’s pretty clear to me that some etiquette lessons are in order. Like, how you are supposed to behave at a public meeting. Now, while I am no Miss Manners, I can tell you that hooting and hollering and booing people who stood up in a roomful of people to speak, is disrespectful and downright rude. This is always a problem, though. Go to a band concert in La Vergne. People just don’t know how to act. I suppose this weekend I will put up a post of etiquette so y’all can learn something. Sadly, those who need to hear it, probably won’t (or can’t, heh) read it. Anyway, y’all put the word out to the masses for me, okay?

Now for the overwhelming question of the night: Where was Dennis Waldron? He knew there were going to be lots of people there. And interestingly, I saw LOTS of folks there that I’ve seen around town WITH Dennis Waldron. So why didn’t he show up tonight? He had an awful lot of friends there. Doesn’t he care about his friends? Doesn’t he care what the citizens of La Vergne have to say?

Another thing I wanted to pull out of the meeting that lots of people missed, since they left in droves after the citizen’s comments, was about the tornado sirens. This isn’t just your typical tornado sirens where they’re mechanical so they have to test them every so often and they’re all annoying. This is an entire early warning system that can also send text and email alerts to your phone or computer. It tests itself and nobody needs to hear it. It also sets up a system online where you can look it up and see exactly what is going on. They can sound one siren or all of them. All in all- I didn’t really care one way or the other about the tornado sirens, but I now that I know more about it, it sounded like a really good thing.


Well. I’m exhausted, so that’s all the wrap-up y’all are getting tonight, I apologize.

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