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4:35 PM Alright, gang, just under 30 minutes before this meeting starts. I’m liveblogging it thanks to Mike Catanese (I could totally be spelling this wrong) and his lovely wife. They loaned me their ipad, how cool is this? But be forewarned, I’m not used to such a tiny keyboard so forgive all typos, please.

4:47 I’m sitting here in the boardroom. There are a heck of a lot of people here. I’m wondering how incognito I can be here. We shall soon see.

4:50 News 2 is setting up right behind me. Veddy interesting. I looked outside and I didn’t see any protestors. Awesome.

5:01 The meeting has started. Our fabulous DIY Editor is speaking now. I’m gonna speak too in a few minutes, I’m scared!!

5:03 A citizen is speaking about how this is not a good time for a tax increase since the economy is so bad.

5:08 I just spoke, shakily. There’s as dude up now saying that raising taxes is not good because the city is just going to spend up all that money regardless of the 5-year plan.

5:12 The dude I was just talking about got a huge amount of applause. Go, dude. Right now Debbie Heughan is speaking about safety- and is explaining the difference between city and county taxes. This is very compelling.

5:15 Wow, there are people in here booing people who have spoken. Way to be classy, La Vergne.

5:17 I’m recognizing some folks from TiLV. Howdy, y’all.

5:21 Thank goodness for Chip being here, this ipad started singing in the meeting and he managed to turn it off for me. Color me embarrassed.

5:23. This guy just came up and said, “We can put you in office, we can take you out of office.” What, would they like to try to recall the mayor & aldermen? Good luck with that. I know someone who is looking into recalling certain senators. It’s not easy.

5:25 A woman, crying because her husband lost his job and they have no way to pay more taxes. There is currently a woman asking questions- I wish she had read this site. Mayor Mosley has answered many of these questions here on the site. (I will add the link in when I get home.)

5:29 Citizen’s forum closed. Workshop is now beginning as there is a mass exodus of citizens. I’m staying to actually see what they have to say. Because, you know, they might actually discuss this sort of stuff.

5:38 They are discussing the budget. People should have stayed to listen. They’re discussing how the budget was previously balance by dipping into the rainy day fund. Some guy is questioning the board. I am a little perplexed by this as I had stepped outside and missed a few minutes, sorry, guys.

5:42 HR director Fred Gaston is mentioning that because our employees are paid lower here (but compensated through benefits) that this becomes a training ground for people to leave here and go to bigger cities to make more money.

5:44 Tom Broeker incredibly bravely says, “I want, in 2 years when I’m up for re-election, to be able look people in the eye and tell them I did the right thing for the city.” Right on, Tom! I support you 100%.

5:47 Senna is bragging on the folks who went to the National Shopping Center conference. “We are working to get those retail people in here…I want to thank you for your hard work.”

5:48 Various supplies are up for re-bid. They are finding the lowest prices on things. To be honest, I’m kind of lost about all this. Looks like the police motorcycles will be Harleys. (That comes out of the drug fund, not property taxes.)

5:54 Alderman Farmer appears to be really thinking hard about something. Nobody asked him anything though, so who knows what’s going on in his head, ha.

5:56 Mayor Mosley states they are trying very hard to get grant money, and the grant writer will be working full time on writing grants, very soon.

5:58 Oooh, there’s going to be a mini-circus at the Old Timer’s Day Festi…..WHAT, CLOWNS?!! Oh nooooooooooo.

6:01 Senna’s looking for someone to apply for the Library Board. I already applied for it but it has to be a male to keep a fair balance on the board.

6:03 Now they need folks for the senior citizens board and the economic development board. I ought apply for the senior citizen’s board, I love senior citizens and I miss my grannies.

6:09 I’ll admit it, I’m bored. I thought there was supposed to be a break at 6. Not that I didn’t already step out for a minute, heh.

6:11 I spoke too soon,. this is interesting. They’re talking about changing ordinances about responding to vicious dog calls. Currently they donate $21,000 a year for (I guess?) Rutherford County PAWS so they’ll come out here. I wish they’d come out here more, there are constantly loose dogs around here. Bruce Richardson says it was actually advertised at 15,000 so they may have to do a budget amendment in July about this.

6:17 They’re talking about clearing up the verbiage of the employee grievance process. Im sitting here digging this ipad. I want one sooooo much. Who wants to buy me one? 😀

6:21 Everyone looks painfully bored. Chief Boyd appears to be praying. Officer Staats appears to be the only person who is not bored, possibly because he’s the only one standing.

6:25 They’re talking about landing a National Guard Helicopter at the Old Timer’s Day Festival. Mayor Mosley jokingly asks if we can keep it. If we get to keep the helicopter, then I DEMAND a pony. And an ipad. But mostly the pony.

6:32 They are discussing the weather alert sirens. I find it extremely interesting how people are saying they don’t want them, now that taxes are going up to pay for them. I know from my own experience on this site I have heard TONS of people who wanted them. It’s not free, kids. Nothing is. Nothing.

6:37 Apparently these tornado sirens they’re looking at getting are more advanced than just a mechanical siren. It also covers people being able to sign up for text or email alerts. They can sound one siren or many, and citizens would be able to look up online exactly what is going on.

6:48 It is COLD in the boardroom so I stepped out. Alderman Green mentioned as I was walking back in, the need for people to deliver Meals on Wheels. Mayor Mosley said Kathy needs to get on some PR for that. I’m one step ahead of them, hahaha.

6:49 It looks like they’re wrapping things up. Thank goodness, I’m starving.

6:50 Mayor Mosley states that each department head had to sit down and figure their budget with the bare bones, no toys, no frills. They are working to take this city forward to try to make this the best city possible. She urges any citizen who has any questions, to come in and look at anything they want to look at or ask any questions they want to ask. She says there is a totally open door policy.

She asks to remember this board, that people may think that they don’t care, they do (she choked up a little there) and asked for all of our prayers.

Meeting adjourned.

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